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Chiropractic and Bird Flu H5N1 avian
The Metamorphic Technique
The Metamorphic Technique (MT) is a simple approach to self-healing and creativity within the individual.

What can the Metamorphic Technique treat?
Ailments are not specifically treated or discussed. However, particular success has been noted for those with long-standing health problems, children with Down’s syndrome, autism and other physical and mental disabilities. Practitioners claim that people of all ages can benefit from MT.

British naturopath and reflexologist Robert St John developed MT whilst working with handicapped children during the Sixties.

St John found Reflexology helpful in the short term but discovered that the children would often return to ill health in times of crisis. He formulated the view that the only approach that would work permanently would be the freeing of one’s own life force to do the healing. This, eventually, became the Metamorphic Technique.

The MT practitioner uses light touch to focus attention on the feet, hands and head. Our characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, even our tendencies towards particular illnesses are first determined during the pre-natal period; their patterns are mapped out on the side of the foot and hand. Touching these areas, therefore, can help release old ‘physical and emotional blocks’ and to foster creative and positive change in a person’s life.

The technique makes no claims to cure. The light touch stimulates a client’s life force and activates the transformative process. Practitioners regard themselves as catalysts and must remain detached from achieving particular results. If they do not remain detached, they will take on the problems of others and become fatigued. In MT, it is up to the life force of the people receiving sessions to release their own potential.

After sessions, people may notice immediate physical or emotional change, or changes in their situation, reflecting perhaps the inner transformation of some life patterns. This can take place at a subtle level so that it is hardly noticed by the conscious mind but practitioners claim that those around them will pick up the differences.

MT provides an environment in which a movement out of old patterns occurs, at both the physical and psychological levels. As people get a deeper insight into themselves, so the need for the symptoms can disappear. Consequently, the Technique may be received by itself or in conjunction with other approaches such as orthodox or complementary medicine, although it is not part of them.

Consultation and treatment
At the beginning of the session, you take off your footwear and sit comfortably while each foot in turn is gently stroked and massaged by the practitioner.

After working on each foot, the process is repated on the hands and head. No case history is taken, the session may be conducted in silence and you may talk or sleep as you wish. Sessions usually last an hour and can take place weekly or for as long as the person receiving sessions feels it is right for them.

Costs start from about £25 per hour although some practitioners will charge less.

The Metamorphic Technique is easily learnt and the Metamorphoric Association encourages its use on yourself, on friends and on family. Contact the Association for details of courses. Your practitioner may also offer to teach you the basic techniques.

How to find a practitioner
Contact the Metamorphic Association for a list of practitioners. Training consists of a weekend course. These are held regularly throughout the year and are based on the successful formats that have been operating in Europe for some years. Intensive weekends are held at the Association’s Headquarters and consist of a Basic Workshop followed by the Universal Principles. These principles regulate all levels of existence and are studied in depth. The Association’s aims are to show people the technique so that they can return home and start using it with family and friends.

Practitioners maintain that the person receiving treatment will know whether it is right for them to receive MT. If you are concerned, however, check with your doctor first and tell your practitioner if you suffer from any longterm health problem, if you are taking medication or if you are likely to be pregnant.

Chiropractic and Bird Flu H5N1 avian

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