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Avian Flu pandemic - bird flu deathsAvian Flu pandemic - bird flu deaths

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Bird flu may kill 150m people
Influenza - H5N1 Asian Bird Flu (Avian Flu)
Avian Flu Information
Bird Flu Research & Facts

Controlling Avian Flu

Emergency Plan Movies

Human implications of influenza

Control of Avian Flu

Avian Flu Medicines

Model of Avian Flu Outbreak


Cats catch Avian Flu

1918 Influenza Epidemic


Oseltamivir - Tamiflu

Rimantadine  - Flumadine

Vira 38


Alternative Medication

World Virus Maps
May to October


International Organisations



  • NHS Direct Website (NB Flu vaccination is only available on the NHS for the elderly and people with medical conditions that would put them at risk of serious complications of flu).

Department of Health and Ageing

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

  • Deadly markets (The Lab 8 July, 2004)
    Live animal markets provide the perfect trading place for microorganisms – such as the bird flu – to jump between species.

  • Killer flu (Catalyst, 19 February 2004
    Investigates the threat of bird flu mixing with human flu to create a lethal new virus.

  • Avian flu (Health Report, 9 February 2004)
    Whether H5N1 could cause the next flu pandemic depends on its ability to mutate into a fully-fledged human flu.

  • Avian flu (Earthbeat, 31 January 2004)
    Investigates how the avian flu outbreak is likely to influence other species in the environment.

  • Influenza fact file
    Part of the Health Matters Library, this site contains links to a fact file about influenza, news and transcripts from ABC sources of articles concerned with the flu and links to non-ABC sites containing information about influenza.

Avian influenza (Veterinary Education and Information Network, University of Sydney)
Provides links to a comprehensive list of resources on bird flu including the latest updates, Australian resources, Ausvetplan and overseas sites.

How stuff works, USA

World Health Organization (WHO)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA)

The 'flu' (Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University, USA)

Provides a useful summary of features of the flu virus, the infection process, viruses that have caused pandemics and prevention methods.

Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (University of Minnesota)

This site provides the latest news on bird flu.

The Why Files (Science Behind the News, USA)

  • Welcome to the zoonoses hall of fame
    Describes some of the most notorious zoonotic diseases.

  • Monkeypox is quelled for now
    Answers the questions 'Where do new infections come from?' and 'How do they spread into human populations?'.

  • Pandora's box
    Predicts which zoonoses will emerge next.

  • Epidemiology's eternal buzzword: Prevention
    Explains how to prevent infection of humans by viruses from animals, including pets.


Provides general microbiology information and links to a 'Hot Germ News' section that includes avian influenza, dengue fever, meningococcal disease, typhoid fever, yellow fever and other germs in the news.

The Health Protection Agency deals with epidemics and health issues, along with the Department of Health and the health services in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Latest Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
Advice and Information
Advice and Information Scotland Scotland
Getting Help
Getting Help
Information for Practitioners
Information for Practitioners
International Health
International Health Organisations
Avian Influenza
Pandemic Flu and Avian Influenza


Update: Bird Flu - What are the Risks?
Comprehensive explanation from the Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health.

FAO - Avian Influenza Safety measures
For practitioners.

EU: Guidelines for Member States - enhanced surveillance for avian influenza viruses in wild birds

Questions and Answers on EU action on Avian Influenza and Flu Pandemic Preparedness

WHO: Avian Influenza Updates

Reuters Alert Net: Bird Flu reports Constantly updated

EU: Avian influenza Frequent updates

Defra: Consultation on proposed EC Directive on controls for avian influenza

Department of Health: Pandemic flu, frequently asked questions - pandemic flu and its impact on society

Advice and Information

EU: Public health - latest news

WHO: Disease Outbreak News

WHO: Global Health Atlas
Analysis and comparison of standardized data and statistics for infectious diseases at country, regional, and global levels.

Health Protection Agency starts 2005 West Nile virus surveillance scheme

Health Protection Agency: MRSA Information for Patients leaflet

WHO: New Guidance on SARS
Updated guidelines on global surveillance, and the SARS risk assessment and preparedness framework (dated October 2004, reissued April 2005).

BBC's health pages

British Medical Association

Consumer Health Information Centre

King's Fund Library Index - extensive list of pointers to websites on all varieties of health matters

MASTA - Minding your health abroad

Medicines Control Agency

Our Healthier Nation - a government-wide health strategy for England, with a news page

Patient.co - directory of UK health, disease and related websites, edited by two GPs

Surgery Door - A comprehensive health website, including travel advice

Citizens Advice Bureau

British Red Cross

Samaritans 08457 90 90 90, 24 hours; or email to jo@samaritans.org.

Information for Practitioners
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Department of Health Emergency Planning Links
Including good practice, key documents, and where to go for emergency information and advice on preparing for specific types of disasters and attacks.

Department of Health Emergency Planning Contacts

Health Protection Agency - Food, Dairy, Water and Environmental Microbiology Network

HPA: Infections in travellers to tsunami-affected areas - specific questions and answers for health professionals

HPA: Emergency Response
Planning and preparation for emergencies for health professionals

HPA: Clinical Action Cards for Healthcare Professionals
Information cards for frontline healthcare professionals to enable the early recognition of the symptoms that might be caused by new diseases or a CBRN event.

HPA - Current measles situation in the UK

HPA Emergency Exercises - Summary

Department of Health: TB action Plan - stopping Tuberculosis in England
Plus publications on TB, and useful links on immunisation and prevention

WHO: Outbreak communication guidelines
A shortlist of outbreak communication best practice (.pdf, 13 pages, 453kB)

WHO: Communicable disease control in emergencies: a field manual
A manual for health professionals and public health coordinators working in emergency situations - including complex emergencies and natural disasters - to help prevent, detect and control the major communicable diseases encountered by affected populations.

WHO: Communicable disease control in emergencies: A field manual (300 pages .pdf, 2MB)

Pandemic Flu and Avian Influenza

Defra: Avian Flu Contingency Plan
Including main aspects of disease control, and the history and spread of the disease

Department of Health: Pandemic Flu
Contingency plan, explanation, and key facts

Department of Health: Improving preparedness for possible flu pandemic

Department of Health: Pandemic Flu - key facts

Department of Health: Influenza pandemic contingency plan

Department of Health: Explaining Pandemic Flu - A guide from the Chief Medical Officer

Department of Health - Bird Flu: what are the risks?

HPA Update on Avian Influenza

HPA: Avian Flu

HPA Influenza Pandemic Contingency Plan
The Agency's plans to protect the public's health in the event of a flu pandemic affecting the UK.

Centers for Disease Control: Avian Influenza

Centers for Disease Control: Avian flu fact sheet
(.pdf, 3 pages, 117kB).

WHO: Avian Influenza Factsheet

WHO: Estimating the impact of the next influenza pandemic - enhancing preparedness

WHO: Pandemic Preparedness

BBC: Avian Flu Q&A

Northern Ireland

Health Promotion Agency

Northern Ireland Office

Northern Ireland: DHSSPS

Department of Health and Social Services and Public Safety

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Scottish Executive

NHS Scotland helpline 0800 224488

Scottish Chief Scientist Office

NHS Scotland Emergencies

SHOW - Scottish Health on the Web

Scottish Centre for Infection and Environmental Health

Health Education Board for Scotland

Scottish Ambulance


National Assembly for Wales

NHS in Wales

NHS Direct Wales

Health Promotion Website for Wales

EU: Public Health

European Communicable Diseases Networks


Australian Government: Department of Health and Ageing

Canadian Government: Health Canada

US - Centers for Disease Control

World Health Organization

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